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Who has access to HOA homeowners' information? See how HOA Guru can help.
Posted on: 9/19/2019
Michael DiLillo
Your HOA generally retains a certain amount personal information for each homeowner. This information may include:

HOA Private Information Access.

  • Home address

  • Phone numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Payment history

  • Credit card or bank information

  • Username & passwords for HOA system

It is certainly reasonable for an HOA to have this information. Phone numbers and email addresses are key for the HOA to contact a homeowner for emergencies, billing and other correspondence. If you have a responsible HOA you should willingly provide information that is legitimately needed.

On the other hand, as a homeowner you of course don’t want your HOA to release this information to the public and a responsible HOA would never willingly divulge your private information.

Specific state laws vary on what is considered “private information,” but regardless, an HOA should never divulge this information even if it is not illegal by state law. An HOA needs to keep the trust and respect of their homeowners if they wish to avoid any conflicts or legal action as well as to keep homeowners happy. Isn’t that what HOAs should be for - to be a benefit to the homeowners by establishing consistent policies that protect the homeowners’ rights?

HOA Board and Committee Meetings.HOA Boards and Committees
An HOA board obviously will need to have access to personal homeowner information. That does not mean that all board members need to have that access. Committees such as an Architectural Review Committee (or whatever name they may have for improvement requests) need to have some limited access to this information in order to do their job.

As a homeowner, you have the right to ask your HOA what their privacy policy is and how they protect your personal data.

HOA Board and Committee Meetings.HOA Guru Software Solution
At HOA Guru, we take your personal data security very seriously. Our cloud-based management software for HOAs protects your data behind secure firewalls, and software access is by username and password only.

HOA Guru does not store your credit card information on our server.

Homeowner Access
Each HOA property has its own username and password so a homeowner only has access to their own property’s info and any HOA community documents that their HOA allows access to.

HOA Admin Access
A new feature in HOA Guru is our Sub Admin module. This allows the HOA to set up individual usernames and passwords for anyone who needs access to the HOA's admin features. The HOA can create each Sub Admin with fine-grained access to various parts of the system. You can deny access to homeowners’ personal information; allow read only access to it; or allow full access to add, edit or delete this information. Access can be allowed/denied for invoicing, transaction history and reports. A committee handling Improvement requests can be given limited access to only what they need to see. Other access options are also available. When you are logged into HOA Guru’s Sub Admin setup, a detailed video tutorial is available to explain what each option allows or denies.

HOA Guru listens to our customer's feedback as they delve into our product. When customers discover the need for something new, we are always open to discussing feature solutions that will benefit that customer as well as other HOA Guru customers. We want to hear from you!

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Michael DiLillo
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