HOA Guru - Homeowner Association Management Made Easy
Does your HOA have problems or Inefficiencies like these?
How can our homeowners pay online?
Our Invoicing system make it super simple for a homeowner to pay their dues online. Invoices can be sent by email to homeowners with the push of a button. And of course, they can pay by check if they so desire.
How many homeowners have paid their dues? Who hasn’t paid. How much is still outstanding?
HOA Guru puts all those reports at your fingertips.
Who owns this property? Who is the tenant? Do we have a phone number or email for them?
Associate as many contacts as you wish with a property. We have a full contact management system. Identify contacts as owners, tenants, managers, trustees, or however you want to associate them. These associations can then be used as filters for many of the functions in our software.
We need to get notices to all our homeowners. Do we have to call or email them one by one? Go door to door?
Our mailing system can send mass emails to your homeowners as well as create a mailing label list to send to homeowners who don’t use email. Use your contact-property associations to filter your list. Send only to owners or properties on a certain street for example.
How do we make all our governing docs, rules and regulations, meeting minutes and other HOA documents easily available to the homeowners?
With HOA Guru’s document management system your HOA can post all these documents in an area for homeowners to access with a password. Group and reorder the documents to make it easy for homeowners to find what they need.
Paperwork! How do we keep everything organized? How do we make sure all the HOA admins have the latest info?
By using our software you will significantly reduce paperwork. All your pertinent info is stored in a secure cloud and backups are kept of all data. Eliminates the need to constantly print and manage piles of papers.
How do we make sure all our staff has up to date info? Did we get all the important data from the staff person who resigned?
HOA Guru is completely cloud-based, so any staff that has access to our system will have the most up to date info. All our data is securely backed up so nothing can get lost.
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"We have had excellent experience using Vivitech’s HOA Guru suite. It allows us to simplify storage and maintenance of and online access to contact information, property records, and association documents. The email options are very flexible, allowing us to address smaller, specific groups of our choosing or to send "blasts" to our entire membership in minutes. But by far the best feature is the online dues invoicing and collection. They proved very popular with our members and saved our treasurer a great deal of time and effort. The obvious advantages to those of us who rely primarily on volunteer support are standardization of record keeping and simplification of Board member transitions. Vivitech tech-support has been very receptive and responsive to questions and recommendations. Based on our experience with the Vivitech’s HOA Guru software, we heartily recommend it."

Rick M, Vice President, Discovery HOA
Colorado Springs, CO
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