An Introduction to Our HOA Guru Blog, HOA Management Software
An Introduction to Our HOA Guru Blog
Posted on: 4/13/2018
Michael DiLillo
General Introduction


This post is an introduction to HOA Guru's new blog. We will be blogging about important information pertaining to HOAs (Homeowner Associations). Articles will include hints and educational posts, stories, industry news, etc. Articles pertaining to non-profit organizations, in general, may occasionally be posted if we feel they would be helpful for HOAs particularly.

Our goal is to post articles providing meaningful information to your HOA which will help you be more efficient and effective. If you subscribe to our blog you will receive an email when a new article is posted. Included in the email may be additional link(s) to other articles online that we feel will be beneficial to read.

If you are involved in HOAs as a board member, homeowner, or a service provider to HOAs, this blog is for you!

My name is Michael DiLillo, and I will be the primary author of the blog at least for now. I am the founder and president of HOA Guru, a cloud-based management software for HOAs. My company also has another product called, which has been helping people with websites since 2004.

We will periodically have guest authors write articles for us. This will bring some variety in writing styles and topics to our blog.

Next Post!
My next article is about how to increase attendance at your HOA board/annual meetings. I believe it will be extremely helpful to anyone involved in running HOA meetings. Subscribe to Our Blog.

Company That Owns This Blog
We are an online service called HOA Guru. HOA Guru is a software service, especially for HOAs. It is completely cloud-based and super easy to use. HOA Guru manages all your properties & contacts. It handles mass emailing to your homeowners, document management, invoicing, reports, and many other features. Our pricing is extremely affordable. We believe you shouldn't have to pay an enormous amount to manage your HOA. Watch a demo.
Michael DiLillo
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