Has managing your homeowners' association got you feeling down? Are you stressed and overwhelmed from trying to keep up with invoicing, managing payments, and trying to track down improvement requests? We get it! Managing an HOA is a lot of work - and it can be a major hassle. But it doesn't have to be.

What most homeowners' associations are lacking is a streamlined process and a centralized way to manage all the ins and outs of an HOA. That's where HOA Guru comes in.

HOA Guru is an easy-to-use, all-in-one management system that offers a simple way to efficiently manage your homeowners' association. If you're ready to improve the efficiency, communication, and overall systems and processes of your HOA - and you’re ready to see some big results, keep reading!

Affordable Pricing

At HOA Guru, we believe that the systems and tools you use to manage your HOA should be affordable. Our pricing is based on a sliding scale and is dependent on the number of units in your association. This allows even the smallest HOAs to afford our robust, feature-packed management system.

Our subscriptions include professional tech-support, including phone support and online screen sharing support.

We do not charge a set-up fee and set-up help is included in the price when you subscribe.

Get ready to experience a better approach to HOA management!

What if you could change the way you manage your homeowner association, the way future board members manage your HOA, and the way your community members, as a whole, experience being a part of your homeowners association?

Watch our on-demand webinar or book a FREE 1-on-1 demo call to learn more about how HOA Guru can transform the entire HOA management experience.

Whether you’re watching the on-demand webinar or talking to us in your 1-on-1 demo call, you'll get all of your questions answered. Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How HOA Guru will lay the groundwork for that allows your homeowner association to be successful - and to ultimately function better.
  • How our software decreases the need for paperwork and keeps things organized
  • How communication between board members and homeowners will significantly improve
  • How you can empower the members of your HOA to take charge of their own HOA experience through a centralized dashboard
  • And much more...
On Demand Webinar
Our on-demand webinar is the most convenient way to catch a sneak peek of the HOA Guru software. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll learn about in this brief, 5-minute overview:
  • How our cloud-based software will save you time, money, and most of all - sanity!
  • How HOA Guru allows you to increase the efficiency of your HOA, creates multi-year continuity for your board, and how it allows your community members to pay their invoices online
  • How you can learn even more by scheduling a free 1-on-1 demo call
1-on-1 Demo Call
Sometimes it’s just better to talk in person! Here are the benefits to scheduling your FREE 1-on-1 HOA GURU DEMO:
  • You will get an in-depth look at how the software works and how it can improve your systems and processes
  • You’ll get to speak directly with the HOA Guru himself (aka the developer)
  • The calls are typically a full 30 minutes in length (not too long, not too short - but just right!)

"We have had excellent experience using Vivitech’s HOA Guru suite. It allows us to simplify storage and maintenance of and online access to contact information, property records, and association documents.

The email options are very flexible, allowing us to address smaller, specific groups of our choosing or to send “blasts” to our entire membership in minutes.

But by far the best feature is the online dues invoicing and collection. They proved very popular with our members and saved our treasurer a great deal of time and effort. The obvious advantages to those of us who rely primarily on volunteer support are standardization of record keeping and simplification of Board member transitions.

Vivitech tech-support has been very receptive and responsive to questions and recommendations. Based on our experience with the Vivitech’s HOA Guru software, we heartily recommend it."

Rick M, Vice President, Discovery HOA, Colorado Springs, CO


I successfully paid our bill today (which is amazing since I am fairly computer illiterate). Kudos for making it easy, even for people like me!


Betty (Homeowner)


Nice talking to you today. Thank you for setting up my account info. I just finished paying and I want to tell you how easy it was.. I also like that you can change the color of the background “that is cool”.

Thanks again for all your help."

Cindy (Homeowner)

Oro Vista Subdivision has been using the HOA Guru software for 3 years now. We are extremely happy with this system. It is very easy to use and is an excellent way of keeping our records. There are tutorials which make it even easier to understand. I can’t imagine going back to keeping our records manually again. It is definitely worth the reasonable cost of using. The creator of this program is great to work with when issues arise, and help is needed. I highly recommend using HOA Guru for your HOA.


Marilyn Porter

Choose the Option that Works Best for You
On-Demand Webinar:
  • A quick 5-minute overview
  • Watch at Your Convenience
  • Gives you an inside glimpse of the software’s dashboard
  • It’s easy to access
1-on-1 Demo Call:
  • 30-minute demo call
  • Talk 1-on-1 with the developer of the software
  • Gives you an in-depth look at how our platform will help you manage the day to day operations of your association, keep all of your records and communications in one place, and give everyone who is a part of your HOA the freedom to access everything they need from a centralized dashboard.

About the HOA Guru

Founder and CEO, Michael DiLillo, was inspired to create HOA Guru while working with a client who was an administrator of a 328 home HOA. After learning about the frustrations his client was experiencing, and how the HOA lacked the proper tools and systems to efficiently manage all the moving pieces of the association, Michael was ready to help! And from there, HOA Guru was born!

HOA Guru is a cloud-based subscription service for homeowner associations. We take the guesswork (and paperwork) out of managing HOAs by increasing efficiency and offering a central place for board and committee members to access their most current information. Our software allows board members to email invoices and notices at the touch of a button, it allows homeowners to quickly and easily pay their bills online, it generates reports instantly, and offers complete tracking of improvement requests. And the best part is that pricing is affordable, there's no setup fee, and we offer unlimited personalized phone and email support.

Want to learn more about how we can help take the hassle out of managing your HOA? Book a demo today!

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